Announcing the Winner of Our Erotic Tweet Contest!

ImageBig thanks to all those who entered our erotic tweet contest and made it such a sexy affair.  This was a very hard one to judge!  In fact, we loved every writer’s erotic words.  But in the end, we decided that Stephen Dorneman‘s entry best suited our sexy aesthetic.  Here it is:

He touched the cold bottle to the base of her neck. Condensation mingled with sweat. She took it from him and licked the rim.

By Stephen Dorneman (@sdorneman)

Dorneman conjures so much with this loaded and intimate exchange.  We even have several of the senses engaged: touch, a hint at taste, and some stunning visuals.  The suggestiveness of the gesture, married with the bold strokes in terms of sentencing and meter make this one smoking hot for us.  And it’s all in scene, as if we’re watching an erotic film noir.

Phew, is it a little steamy in here?

Hand me a beer bottle, someone.

Stephen Dorneman wins a 20 buck Good Vibrations voucher and all our good cheer.  Congratulations, sir.

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