A Big Erotic Bang: Girls with Guns

I’ve always liked a girl with a gun in an erotic story.  It doesn’t matter whether she’s actually holding the weapon, or having it pointed towards her.  Either of these gives me a buzz every time.  Some might tell me it’s the phallic nature of the gun, and go all “Freud” on me by telling me that my fantasy is all about big, male cocks.  But these folks clearly haven’t heard about the size and shape of the clitoris…or the fact that, be they silicone, metal or flesh, girls can have cocks, too.

For me, it’s to do with the hardness of the gun against the softness of femme skin.  Skin that has lotions rubbed into it, skin that is warm and voluptuous.  Skin of hands and fingers, or chests and throats.  The possibility of power-play — how very BDSM.  For me, such fantasies are also about the fact that women can be fabulous with guns, whether escaping them or using them.  It’s indicates my wish that female aggression and/or vulnerability receive(s) a worthy metaphor.

So when I saw the cover of the new Xcite anthology on the left, (thanks to tinynibbles), I almost popped my clogs with delight.  And of course, our own femme fatale, who will be gracing our forthcoming anthology, (writers, here are the guidelines) is also all about the hard, metallic weapon. You can see her below.  Femme, yes.  Dangerous, yes.  Filled with penis envy?  No evidence, no win.

Metal, fire and precision?  The calm risk and aim?  The longing to submit?  Fingers so nimble they expertly squeeze a trigger?

That, my friends, is more likely.

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