Erotic Art: Woman with Her Throat Cut

I’ve been fortunate enough to view Giacometti’s Woman with Her Throat Cut at MOMA on two separate occasions.  What an amazing piece!  The sculpture shows a woman who looks as if she’s dying, while also in the throes of an orgasm.  It has been called “misogynistic” many a time, but I don’t like this label.  After all, our society has eroticized death for centuries (just look at the French expression for sexual climax, “la petite mort”) and Giacometti was simply courageous enough to express this in its ultimate form.

Also, the sexual realm is often a place where the real world is turned on its head.  What would usually be violent in the real world, gets suppressed into the unconscious, which is often the engine of our erotic longings.  That’s why we might long to strangle a lover because we feel deep passion for them — because the sexual realm turns suppressed energy around in an attempt to safely express it.

So there we have it.  Woman with Her Throat Cut.  Sexy for you?  Or no?

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