Focus on the Feet

Real Fetish #2 by The Art of Faceless

As an erotica editor, I always appreciate an artist who can tap into the erotic uniqueness of a character’s–or person’s–body.  Naturally, we’re often drawn to the face, as human beings.  In fact, the vast majority of us are so used to reading and recognizing one another’s faces that some experiments suggest we actually process faces in composite–as a unique pattern, rather than a collection of separate parts.  (If you’re interested, take a look here).

The Art of Faceless (please, please check out this artist’s wonderful site) encourages us to look at the rest of the body and see the unique identity that’s there.  He explores sexuality, including fetish, in a beautifully erotic way.  At Go Deeper, we adore his aesthetic.  Just take a look at the pic to the left to see what we mean.  We also love the way the Art of Faceless helps us to see.  After all, other than when we’re with a lover, how often do we get to admire a person’s feet, in this close-up, intimate way?


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