A Natural Obsession with Rope

This beautiful photo is by Natural Obsessions, an artist I found via Tumblr.  What a wonderful erotic piece!

Critics of rope bondage say that it objectifies the body.  And of course it does!  The body is an object, and a breathtaking one, at that.  When someone tells us we have beautiful eyes, they objectify our body.  When they tell us we look great in that shirt or bra, they do the very same.  The question is, does the objectification seek to manipulate or control without consent?  Or is it simply an appreciation of beauty?

When I look at this photo, I see only beauty.  I also see fabulous rope bondage skills and a woman who can arch her spine and hold a posture as well as any ballerina or artist’s model.  (When artists paint classic nudes, does anyone ever call it objectification?  Rarely.  Because it’s considered “high art,” right?  But at Go Deeper Press, we don’t categorize like that).

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