The Problem with Gay-for-Pay

This post was first published, in a slightly different version, at What the Fox?

The amount of “gay for pay” performers in queer porn is problematic, says Devon Hunter, a professional porn performer who recently started his own ethical porn production company, Anteros Media. (By the way, these guys do audio and written porn stories as well as vids.  And we at Go Deeper Press are all about arousing the world with the written word).

Do read Hunter’s interview with Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon.  A taster:

Clark-Flory: I knew gay-for-pay was a big phenomenon, but can you talk a bit more about how pervasive straight guys in gay porn is? I didn’t have an awareness that it was so pervasive.

Hunter: It’s extraordinarily pervasive. And it’s not just porn, it’s throughout gay adult entertainment in general. I was a club dancer for 12 years and there would be many nights where I’d be the only gay dancer. During Gay Pride in 2008 there were 75 dancers and only three of us were gay — for gay pride at a gay bar. When you look at porn, I would say it’s somewhere between half and three-quarters of the models are not gay.

Many thanks to C for the tip.

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