Eric Albert’s “Inspiration”

Chronicle Books (2008)

Albert’s protagonist is in a hospital room with his dying lover, who asks to hear a dirty story. He tells the tale of a lucky man who has a woman at home who loves anal sex just as much as he does–maybe more, considering how long and hard she preps for his returns home (plug after plug after plug). Plus, he has a coworker who, stupidly, refuses to believe this guy gets it so good, and puts money on it all being a lie. A short story shorter: He loses, this friend. Here’s a quick glimpse at $100 gone. Oh, and how.

“No need to hold your hips–the cock up front keeps you right here. My frenzied humping forces you to swallow the final half inch of his erection. Maybe that’s why he’s closed his eyes and started moaning.

“Or maybe it’s the way your throat’s convulsing on him. Your body’s shuddering, too. It’s been just forty seconds but time passes slowly when you’re jammed between two dicks and the oxygen stops.”

You can find Albert’s “Inspiration” in Susie Bright’s X: The Erotic Treasury, with a ridiculous amount of other extremely hot stories (including, by the way, Shanna German’s “Red Light, Green Light,” which we fawned over a few weeks ago. You can always get it at Amazon, or you can hold out for your favorite shop.

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