Tie Me Up

Did I ever mention that I love women in neck-ties?  Well, this vid, which I recently posted at What the Fox?, is not only instructional…it also makes for very nice viewing.  *swoon*

Via TinyNibbles, with thanks.

2 thoughts on “Tie Me Up

  1. Mmm . . . lovely, but my nipples would be busting out from under that tape by the end (they always get so hard when I know I’m being filmed . . . LOL!!). But I do love this. Very stylish and very arousing.
    Oohh tingly start to my day!!

  2. Oh how lovely of you to stop by and view our lovely blindfolded tie-wearer! I’m so glad you liked the vid. And when your nipples get hard because you know you’re being filmed, that is *talent* at its finest!

    Love the look of your blog, by the way. I’ll be checking back there soon to have a more in-depth read.

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