Go Deeper Art: Joe Schuster

Yes, Joe Schuster, the guy who co-created Superman, was also an erotic artist.  (The book Secret Identity: the Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Schuster contains many sexy images like the one to the left).  What do I love about this particular image?  The way the woman’s stiletto heels point away from her body yet also echo the lines of her thighs and garters; the way the arch of her spine brings to mind deep, sexual pleasure; the way her hands rest between her thighs, as if she is actually touching herself; and the way her breasts and nose curve upwards, each emphasizing the other.

There can be great beauty in bondage.  I have always admired those who partake in Japanese Rope Bondage–the consensual act of tying or being tied artistically with rope.  And let’s not forget that stiletto heels started out as a kind of bondage–a way of restricting the foot and gait just enough to make to make the wearer walk differently.

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